About Elite


​​​​After relocating to the West Coast from Pennsylvania, Elite Family Dogs is now Elite Family Dobermans.  SAME COMPANY.  SAME OWNER.  SAME DOBERMANS.

Because we no longer breed German Shepherds, the name was changed to more accurately reflect our primary focus of breeding Superior World Class Doberman Pinschers for Fine Families and Estates.

Steve McKinnon is the owner of Elite Family Dobermans and has been breeding and training Doberman Pinschers for over 40 years.  We offer specialty companions professionally bred, raised, and trained in our home for your pleasure and protection.

Our dogs' refined genetic predisposition ensures their focused, reliable, and respectful behavior.  We breed for client preference and needs:
● Composed Intelligence
● Relaxed Personality
● Happy Disposition
● Loyalty

Elite's loving servant-companion dogs find reward in the desire to please you and your children.

We do not employ choke collars, shock collars, or other methods of force or pain.  Nor do we advocate food baiting as a method of teaching.  Our young adults love for you is their motivation―NOT―the food in your hand.

All of our youngsters walk off leash with you through airport terminals or busy streets.  They love with gentle care all women, children, and babies.  Our dogs live with cats and birds with love.  They will accompany you if you ride bicycle, horse, or ATV.

We serve our clients domestically and internationally.  Our Client's Reference Letters illustrate the loyalty and protective behavior of our placements and their loving involvement within the family.