Elite Family Dobermans offers Superior World Class Doberman Pinschers for Fine Families and Estates 

We specialize in Family Companions, Service K9, and Protection Dogs 

At Elite Family Dobermans, we believe integrity within a dog's character determines the willingness to please, love, and serve us.  The greater a dog's genetic predisposition to serve us, the more rewarding the relationship.  A dog that understands the concept of service within the family structure is a happier, more fulfilled friend.
Our dogs understand this concept from birth because they are raised in the family home―not in a kenneled environment―and are handled by all the family members, including six children ranging in age from 5 to 16.  Not only are our puppies and juveniles exposed to daily life (stores, airports, parks, etc) but they also receive guidance from the adult Dobermans who exemplify this concept to the youngsters.

At Elite Family Dobermans, our primary focus is to breed World Class Doberman Pinschers for Fine Families and Estates.  

Our dogs refined genetic predisposition ensures their focused, reliable, and respectful behavior. 

Dependent upon individual client requirements, our dogs undergo select training prior to delivery.  For those with disabilities, our dogs can be trained for service work.  For those who elect personal protection training, several options are available.

Contact Elite Family Dobermans if you are interested in adopting one of our Available Dogs into your family.