At Elite Family Dobermans, molding and shaping a puppy's mind into an exceptionally behaved companion is our primary goal.  From birth, all our puppies live in our home, not in kenneled environments.

Gifted dogs learn early and easily as pups.  Their desire is to cooperate and please us.  Consequently, in our home, litters are a pleasure to live with and raise into young adulthood.  Our puppy's education program sets us apart from the rest.

Our applied teaching philosophy in the puppies' educational program distinguishes us from most other breeders.  Elite Family Dobermans is the only place that believes in utilizing a pup's full potential.

Between 3 and 4 months of age is when we place our puppies.  At this tender age with ears cropped, our pups are respectful in the house, good with small children, cats, and other pets.  They are housebroken and sleep the night through.  Elite's pups are comfortable and quiet in cars, including long trips.  Our puppies know their sit and stays, and always come eagerly when called.

When our Doberman puppies are adopted into their new homes, they arrive in a peaceful manner.  Because our puppies are secure within themselves, they understand the behavior expected of them and readily demonstrate it.  Welcoming home one of our dogs is truly a joyous time for all within the family!