Teaching Philosophy

At Elite Family Dobermans, we believe the concept of integrity not only defines the dog's character, but also determines the willingness to please, love, and serve us. The greater a dog's genetic predisposition to serve us, the more rewarding the relationship.  A dog that understands the concept of service within the family structure is a happier and a more fulfilled friend.

The concept of teaching is of primary importance in our philosophy.  The core of our teaching is through the example of role models, our teacher dogs and family.  We do not believe in the commonly accepted form of training by repetition and frequency because training by rote is a cumbersome and time consuming method, resorted to for the lack of a comprehensive grasp of a dog's mind.

We do not use loud commands.  Loud commands are undesirable and softer forms of communication are used with our dogs.

Food training is bribery and it promotes selfishness and self-serving behaviors.

Choke collars and shock collars are commonly used methods of inducement through force and pain and are clearly an unnecessary and disrespectful means of teaching.  These types of intimidation aren't necessary and are not used with our dogs.

With our genetically correct dogs, only a soft collar and a soft voice are needed to teach our loving companions.  This especially applies to small children.  It is unfair to expect a mentally quiet dog to attain a more conscious relationship with it's master or handler when the methods of training are bribery, pain, and/or force.

We teach our pups because they wish to please us and are receptive to loving, directive communication.

At Elite, we believe the reward of companionship is in the ease and pleasure of the relationship.