Young Adults

At Elite Family Dobermans, our young adults are well mannered and courteous in all situations, ever watchful of how they can help family members.  Our dogs do not embarrass you with unwanted "doggy behaviors" that other dog owners commonly excuse as acceptable.  

Our dogs do not take advantage of the weak or innocent by pulling, sniffing, or marking and are not distracted from their purpose of accompanying you. 

Respectful conduct begins in the home.  Our boys and girls do not exhibit obnoxious behavior, they will not sniff or jump on company, nor beg for refreshments.  They are not aggressive towards cats or other dogs and are not possessive over their food.

If you are a current or former client, you already know that our young adults grace your side and make you proud.  For prospective clients, we have found video to be an essential means of conveying our dogs' refined behavior.  

Even though select videos are embedded throughout our website, please take a moment and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and view all our current and forthcoming videos.  We also can be found on Instagram (@Elite_Family_Dobermans) and Twitter (@EliteDobermans).  Seeing is believing!