Reference Letters

 Mr. McKinnon,
     I hope all is well with you and your family.  In November of 2004, we purchased a five month old male doberman from you, when we lived in Lancaster, PA.  He was named Magua (Last of the Mohicans) and he was an outstanding member of our family.  You were apprehensive about selling to us as we were a newly married couple and had not started our family yet, but we needed a protective dog for our residence.

     Since then, we have had three daughters and Magua was a constant, loving shadow to all of our daughters and a loyal protector of our home.  He always knew his place in our home and we never had any problems as we brought each new daughter home from the hospital.  Our daughters are now, nine, seven, and four.  In July 2015, Magua became ill and we finally had to make the loving decision to put him down at a ripe old age.  This has left a huge hole in our home.  We had searched for a contact for you, but were unable to find you until recently.

     We became overjoyed when we found you here (, as the thought of buying from anyone else did not seem like an option to us.  We are very interested in speaking with you about purchasing another outstanding doberman from you based on your breeding and training philosophy.

    Please feel free to contact us.  Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you!

All our best,

Pennsylvania State Police Trooper
Name withheld  per client request

 Hello Steve,

We are so pleased to have Cash (Big Red) as part of our family. He has by far been the best dog that either of us has had the pleasure of raising. We are constantly receiving compliments regarding his good looks as well as his excellent behavior and it is hard to believe that he is not even a year old. He is so calm and collected, most people believe that he is at least three!

We would like to speak to you about bringing home a female in August. When will you have a litter available?

I also referred a wonderful couple to you. They have been talking about wanting a Doberman for quite a while and it hasn't helped that I keep raving about Cash every time I see her.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs!

Ashley and James
Client, Elite Family Dobermans